Sponsoring a team

The club is characterized by olympic rowing, with kids and adults of every age. In the beginning of 2014 there will be multiple regattas for master (above 27). One of those is the southamerican regatta of Paraguay in Mai. Those master rowers are mainly ex-selected rowers and foreigners with high skill.
We are looking for sponsors for comparing new concepts.
Olympic rowing, symboles on equipment.

Prefering the origin of Europe or Northamerica. Traditions out of the best universities in the world. A excercies for the whole body without influence on joints. A great opportunity for practice sports in every age (the average of the age of the southamerican regatte in 2013 was 65 years of age and the oldest competer was 85 years old).

We offer 
Advertising for the brand at boats, clothes and pictures. Integration of a team of managers of the company for rowing in regattas. 


finance boats and rows.
Fund transport for trips.
Transportation of boats, passangers and food.
Fund for improve the club.

Insert a team of leaders of the company. 
We will teach a group of 4 till 8 persons for rowing in boats of every size.
Requirments: Minimum 27 years old and to be healthy.

It would be a great idea to work together with gyms to improve the acsess to ergometers or to buy ergometers for training.