You use lifewests? No, only those whi do not swimm. The boat offers a lot secruity.

Do the Laguna de Aculeo got polution? Yes, but only because of algas which are not dangerous.

Why does the lake got polution? There are many reasons, but mainly because of the heavy use of motorboats.

Can I use boats with engines on the lake ? No! We are against motorboats on the lake!

If I do not want to use boats of competition, what else can I do on the water? Kayak, Canoa, Dragonboat and of course sailing.

Are there any boats with more stability ? Yes, we have got boats specialy used for learning.
The club is used like a company? No, the club does not have ana locrative aims. The income is only used for buying equipment and boats.

Is the lake public? No there is no possibility for reaching the water without buy a place or rent a camping place. Everything is private.

If I want to row by myself, when can I go to row? Whenever you want, but the times for lessons do not change.

Do I have to use my own boats? No, you can use those of the club.

Is the club member of an federation? Yes, the club is in the assosiation Associacion de Remo Metropolitano (www.remometropolitano.cl)

I am a foreign rower and I will travel through, can I row with you? You are welcome to do so.

How can I get the status of an advanced rower? You pay $5.000 in packs of 15.000$ and train 3 times a week in the water and compite in regattas and the technical commitee will proof your status.

         Qualitative proof: Skills (size, weight, extensibility, equilibrium), physical skills (generel physical status), psychological skills (respect, obidience, accept to loose), environment (advance of skills, support of parents, time, make notes), technical skills for rowing.

         Quantitative proof: Ergometer test, regattas in water with different distances depending of the age.