Activities Aculeo

Olympic rowing

Main activity of the club and reason for founding in the year 2007.
Rowing needs equilibrium, force used generely from your legs, teamwork and much practis is very important.
The boats sare characteriezed by using rolling sits, which slide on rails. There are special shoes for feet, which are fixed on the floor of the boat. Every row got a own rowlock. This transfers the force into the water,
The sculls are: Single Scull, Douple Scull, Quad Scull
Oar boats are: Coxless Two, Coxless Four, Eight

The professional Regattas runn for a distance of 2000m and last ca. 7 minutes. Beginner (under 12) row 500m. The B-class (13-14) 1000m. From 15 till 16 you row 1500m. Exist also a master class for rowers above 27.
Mountaineering and Climbing

Aculeo got more then a lakem in Aculeo are mountains too. The mountains Horcón de Piedra (2000m) and Alto de Cantillena (2200m) are the highest mountains arround the central mountain chain. In winter there is snow, so exist a incredible opportunity for trekking, for snowshoes, for cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering.Ther are diffrent places with hard rock, idealy for climbing, rappeling, bouldering and free climbing.
The UNO declered Aculeo to one of the 30 ecological hotspots on the entire world, specialy for the unique flora and fauna.


From November to March we got a heavy wind, especialy after 14:00. The lake is a good place for practice windsurf. Lazer and Vagabundo can be used a lot in Aculeo.


An ideal activity for the mountains arround Aculeo. Exist tracks for long trips as well as for steep downhill tracks.

Sozial activities

The club does not exist solely for compet, furthermore the club is a place for exchange experiences and dor lunching, talking with friends and children. Fellowship support those who want to enter conversations and learn physical and technical skills in general.
Most of the time we got foreign visitors of Germany, Canada, England, the United States, France, Japan, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Serbia.
Most members are studied, bilinguals and interessted un cultural exchange.